Choosing The Right Functional And High Touch Promo Products


Starting up a business is easy, as long as you have enough capital to do so. But how much do you invest in promoting your business? If you want people to keep on knocking down your business doors to buy, you must prepare yourself to invest heavily in branding your image through various informative and functional promotional products. Some of the typical high touch promo products in the market include pens, calendars, watches, badges among many others.

Choosing between the various products is not always a cinch for many marketers, but this post will focus on some resourceful tips that can help you make the right decision. As a marketer, consider asking yourself the following questions:

Is your product unique?

You need a unique promotional product that will outshine your competitors’. You may not have to select the same product, especially if you don’t intend to do some branding on it. To help you stand out, think of a product that you like and you use rather than just something beautiful but has no practical function.

For example, the Pull out Banner pen by the Printsmart can be your ideal promo product. This pen does not only catch the people’s attention but has more than one functional use. It has a unique concept- brochure within a pen and can be presented to people through a variety of occasions and events, including tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions, or as a form a unique business card.

Is the product reliable?

A gift that stops working after a short period is worse than none at all. A potential customer draws a bad image of you in the event of such a scenario, a thing that you don’t want. To avoid this, ensure that the gift you give out reflects your company’s image. If you decide on a pen, ensure that it is of top-quality, writes well and offers a good value for money. Successful marketers do not go for less than a promotional banner pen or the banner message pen to ensure that they sustain their customers’ loyalty.

Will the price of the product crash with your budget?

You need to ensure that the price of the promotional product matches your brand’s message and that it is competitive in your niche. The product doesn’t have to be overly cheap because it would mean something else to your potential and existing customers. It should not also be too expensive in a sense that you have to make broad adjustments to your budget.

If you have a tight budget and are in pursuit of a reasonable ROI for your marketing product, you can go for the Flag Pens or the Banner Pens. These are quite inexpensive, going for less than a dollar and most importantly offer quality service compared to the second-rate cheap promo pens.

Can the product be customized?

Choose a product that can be made more recognizable by imprinting your company’s slogan, name and even the contact information. You need to go for companies that sell personalized promotional pens so that they can tailor print some messages to your clients.

As you thrive on taking your business to a whole new level, take a step further by settling for a company that offers promo products delivery services. And together with the above tips, you will be able to convey the message you want to your customers.

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